What people are saying

Beyond Yoga classes

“Better at Meditation and keeping calm”

“I found an improvement in my eating habits my focus and mindfulness.  With consistent work I can improve further.  I also have gotten better at meditation and keeping calm.  I will continue meditation and practicing mindfulness.  I love the Yoga practice and will continue that also.
Julie is a sweet soft spoken gentle person in her class and has been able to send out this calmness through her voice and aura.  I look forward to attending more of her workshops. GH

“I pay more attention to what my body is telling me and what it needs”

  • has taught me relaxation techniques
  • will use the breathing exercise at home
  • I always feel more relaxed after a session
  • I pay more attention to what my body is telling me and what it needs
  • plan on continuing to take more courses
  • exposes me to new ideas


“helps promote optimum inner healing in all of her classes”

Julie is incredible, she is the real deal. From Yoga, to meditation, to chanting, she has this calming vibe to her that is very conducive to relaxation. Her training is extensive and her time spent in India really strengthens her teachings as she brings the techniques learned into her classes. Julie is the epitome of completeness and she shares that with her clients and helps promote optimum inner healing in all her classes. Her chanting is intoxicating, I highly recommend anyone to be a part of that if you’ve never experienced it, it’s quite powerful. AD

“helped me to become more aware of my current state”

“The course content and coaching helped me to become more aware of my current state, observe and witness my reaction to that state and transition through the state with greater ease while learning to be kind and gentle to myself.  Excellent topics to help with stress management and to teach meaningful tools to use and apply in life situations.  Enjoyed the weekly chanting elements and closing the class with an inspirational quote that related to the focus/topic of the week.” LS

“I have changed the way I look at certain things”

“Julie I have enjoyed the classes, I think it has a lot to do with you.  You are a very special person.  Yes I have changed the way I look at certain things.  For one thing I have never put me first and I need to do that more often.  There is nothing wrong with that.  I believe I have always taken time for myself.  The exercise I do, my saunas and the walks in a nature setting are always so rewarding.  I found it difficult to do the 10 min meditation that I thought I could do in a heartbeat.  But the mind does wander.  I start to then get side tracked.  I do that with my prayers also.  God is a big part of my life, don’t think I could do, or be who I am without God.  I am always thankful and grateful but the technique I will use the most is to tell myself  that I love me.  I have not thought to do that.  I always chuckle a little when I do it.  In yoga we are taught to listen to our bodies and only do what is right for you.  We did not do a lot of poses in these classes but the ones we did do I felt were moving a bit fast for me.  Don’t forget I’m old.  I did not listen to my body so I don’t think I got out of the moves what I should have.  I know it takes time to perfect what you’re doing.  All in all I am glad I took the time to do these sessions.  Thank you very much.”  PB


“felt as if I had traveled to India for the hour”

“As someone who has practiced both yoga and meditation daily for the past 28 years, I was very impressed with Julie’s class. The ritual, compassion and loving energy she exhibits as she facilitates the practices of meditation and yoga put her ‘in-a-class-all-by-herself’.

On my blissful drive home, I felt as if I had traveled to India for the hour and brought back the traditions of the true meditation masters.

Thanks so much Julie and Namaste ♡”

“calming energy and relaxing voice”

“Julie has such a calming energy and relaxing voice” D.O.

“her love and energy is very noticeable”

her love and energy is very noticeable” Anonymous

“feel relaxed and energized at the same time”

“I feel relaxed and energized at the same time, ready to take on my day” W.J.

“it was a soul experience”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class.  It was more than just yoga, the physical.  It was a soul experience.  I felt grounded when I left.  It was excellent.

I would be interested in learning of other services you may offer.

Grateful we connected,” TB

Chair Yoga

“when I got up out of the chair after an hour of sitting …..I had no stiffness”

“I had a one hour chair yoga session with Julie, I have never had one before and had no idea what to expect. She has a calming and gentle tone in her voice while she guides you through the exercises. The exercises work through all the muscles and joints in your body. The concentration needed to follow her instructions removes all thoughts and concerns and clears your mind.  Its really all about easy stretches nothing strenuous at all.

I am 69 years of age and I notice more and more that when I  sit or remain in the same position for more than a few minutes my muscles and joints seem to seize up and when I move or stand I tend to let out a groan for a few steps;  when I got up out the chair after an hour of sitting for the yoga session I had no stiffness or stutter steps at all. Amazing and so easy!!”  RB

“feeling of serenity”

“I just had a Chair Yoga lesson taught by Julie Boyse and it was very stress relieving and calming for me.  She slowly went through each movement with me right from the top of my head to the tip of my toes with simple exercises and deep breathing that anyone can do at any age from a sitting position.   I could feel the stimulation as we first worked, and then relaxed each muscle as we moved down through my body and it left me with a feeling of serenity.   Julie is a good instructor, who made me feel at ease and it is evident she is a very caring person who dedicates herself to helping others.” CB

“felt very relaxed after the class”

“I felt very relaxed after the class, I would prefer to do the yoga then hitting a ball around. ” RL

“by the end of the class the kink was gone”

“I had a kink in my neck before the class started and by the end of the class the kink was gone” OG

“found it really relaxing”

found it really relaxing, I hold a lot of stress in my neck and shoulders and they feel really good after the class, OG

Office Yoga

“felt calmer and more relaxed”

“I loved that I was making myself take a break!  It was a well balanced class, I felt calmer and more relaxed!” TF

“felt completely rejuvenated”

“Thank you for coming out to our office, the session was very enjoyable.  I liked how relaxing the time was.  My initial thoughts coming out of the session, was I was going to want to sleep afterwards.  Surprisingly, I felt completely rejuvenated.” JG

“convenient both in the location and in the length of time…..very calming presence”

“I enjoyed the class… I like that it’s convenient both in the location and in the length of time.  I also thought you did a great job at leading and at focusing everyone.  I truly believe there is a need for a brain break while at work and that yoga is an excellent way to achieve that.  You have a very calming presence which also lends well!”  JD


“becoming more aware and in tune with my feelings”

“I really enjoyed Julie’s meditation class. Initially, it was a challenge for me to “slow down” and meditate. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to stop my mind from thinking so much about everything. Once I made the intention to attend classes every week, it became get easier to focus. I noticed that I was becoming more aware and in tune with my feelings, in turn becoming more mindful. I also started a journaling practice at home, recommended by Julie and this was a great reflection exercise. I also enjoyed the yoga component in the class. Julie has a lot of knowledge and wisdom to share about living a more balanced life. At the time that I was attending classes, I was going through a lot of stress in my life. These classes were very beneficial for me, and helped my mind and body to relax. Julie is a very kind friend and was very supportive of what I was going through. Thank you Julie, glad to have met you and looking forward to continuing more classes soon!” AG

Beyond Meditation

“helped me to become more aware of the present moment”

“I really enjoyed Julie’s yoga meditation class, it was very beneficial to me. I found that making it a part of my weekly routine helped me to be calmer and not react to “the small things”. Meditation helped me to become more aware of the present moment and to shift my thoughts so that they are more positive. Julie is very knowledgeable with yoga meditation and I like how she teaches strategies not only during the class but also how to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit in everyday life.  She is very caring and a great teacher, thank you Julie! ” AG

Therapeutic Touch

“left my body with a pain free and relaxed feeling”

“For many years I have had stress, which causes tightness and discomfort in my neck and shoulder area.  So I have started having a few Therapeutic Touch sessions and the first time I felt a bit of tingling in my body and a very warm and relaxed feeling, which was great.

However, I feel the second session made me a true believer that this method really worked for me, and the reason for this is that I had been experiencing pain in the right side of my neck and down into my shoulder and upper back are for a few days, so I decided to go for another session.

At the beginning of this session, I felt the tingling like the first time and over the course of that short 10 minute session, I felt the pain actually moving around and traveled down and out through my arm and hand.  It was almost like magic the way the pain instantly went away and left my body with a pain free and relaxed feeling that I had never experienced before.

I will definitely continue with Therapeutic Touch sessions regularly to maintain this more relaxed, stress and pain free feeling.” C. B.

“I noticed I was going up and down stairs, pain free”

“Even though my health and physical activity level are good, I still had the aches, pains and stresses of every day life.

I contacted Journey 2 Balance and discussed with Julie how I could benefit from Therapeutic Touch.  After the first session I felt “lighter” after a few sessions I noticed I was going up and down stairs, pain free.

After Therapeutic Touch I have a feeling of “well-being”.  An added bonus, I sleep better!

Contact Journey 2 Balance and I ‘m sure you’ll feel better.” V.W.

“felt better and more relaxed…..noticed less pain”

“I work in Long Term Care as a recreationist and we really enjoyed having Julie at the home to do Therapeutic Touch. She was able to quickly connect with the residents and make them feel comfortable. Initially, a few residents were hesitant and unsure of what to expect from Therapeutic Touch. However, after the session they stated that they felt better and more relaxed. It was mentioned that watching someone else receive therapeutic touch was relaxing.  We also had two residents verbalize that they noticed less pain the week after the session. Overall, it was highly beneficial and we look forward to having Julie at the home every month.”  AG

“less pain and felt less stressed”

“ I felt relaxed, noticed that I had less pain and felt less stressed. I think others were like that too. I suddenly felt different in a good way, like something was lifted off my shoulders” S

“first night that I have slept through since before surgery”

“I didn’t feel it right away but definitely felt the effects afterwards. My knee felt so much better and really so did the rest of me. That was actually the first night that I have slept right through since before surgery. I couldn’t believe it when I woke up the next morning. Usually I’m awake at least twice and once is to take my pain meds as the pain has woke me up. Thank you again, and I’m so glad my friend put me in touch with you.” PS


“Just read you blog on reaching out. Thank you for being so candid about your journey. I ‘m sure it will help someone else who needs to hear your story to help them reach out and seek the help they need.” T.C.