Office Yoga

These classes are personalized to your work group in the office, practiced in an open space or boardroom, on the mat yoga or standing and/or chair yoga, in comfortable clothes or office clothes, for a set period of time of your choice and could include meditation and yoga combinations or half day packages to include Therapeutic Touch treatments.  Office Yoga allows you to fit in self care during your work day, a break from your desk to refocus, and time to check in with how you are doing.

Looking for someone to host a program for your Wellness Days?  Why not a yoga or meditation class

What: Classical Hatha Yoga or meditation or Therapeutic Touch or a combination of all –  to learn more about Yoga click here,   Meditation click here,   Therapeutic Touch click here
Where: In your office, in an open space in/around the office or in the board room
When: Before, during or after work anywhere from 30 – 90 minutes
Bring: Yoga mat, blanket, hard pillow to sit on, empty stomach, depending on personalization
Wear: Comfortable clothes or office clothes depending on personalization
Cost: $10/person for 30 minutes (minimum of 5 people)
$13/person for 45 minutes (minimum of 5 people)
$15/person for 60 minutes (minimum of 5 people) ($108/person for 8 week session)
(credit card payment available, additional fees apply)
Packages: Combination of yoga, meditation and Therapeutic Touch treatments

½ day package – $207
Full day package – $405

Learning more about Office Yoga

What is Office Yoga?

Yoga at the office that allows time away from your desk to refresh your body from sitting or standing for long periods and maintain your well being while at the office.

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Benefits to employees

  • reduce stress and tension
  • increases energy
  • improves physical fitness
  • gives more time for family when exercise is done at work
  • increase focus and concentration
  • improve posture
  • something to talk to colleagues about
  • saves travel time to your exercise class
  • reduces physical illness
  • provides some balance in the day
  • more fun at work

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Benefits to employers

    • increase employee satisfaction
    • boost productivity
    • improves morale
    • improves ability to concentrate and focus
    • save on health care costs
    • decreases employee fatigue
    • reduces stress and anxiety
    • reduces staff turnover
    • lower employee absenteeism
    • strengthens immune system and reduces employee sick days
    • can be implemented at little or no cost to the employer

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