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What is Meditation?

The art of slowing down and focusing the mind to put us in touch with our true nature.

  • a state of awareness
  • a state of deep peace
  • means of transforming the mind
  • encourage and develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, calm, seeing of the true nature of things
  • cessation  of the thought process
  • clearing the mind
  • focusing on one object
  • a state of consciousness

Latin – meditari – to think, to dwell upon, to exercise the mind
– Mederi – to heal

Sanskrit – medha – wisdom

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How does it work?

By sitting quietly and slowing down the mind by focusing on one thing, by having a serene mind when confronted with obstacles one can live more happily

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When can meditation be helpful?

Meditation can be helpful anytime, making it a regular practice will provide the most benefits, whether you have something specific you are meditating for or just for overall well being, meditation is helpful anytime.

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What happens during a class?

We start the class by doing some gentle yoga and relaxation and then take time to sit and meditate.

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How long is a class?

The classes are half an hour to an hour

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Benefits to meditation

  • reduces stress
  • lessens fears, loneliness and depression
  • reduces aging
  • adds more hours to your day
  • helps you appreciate life more
  • helps you feel more connected
  • happier
  • increases functioning of the brain
  • increases good night sleep
  • increases metabolism
  • lose weight
  • increase immunity
  • increase attention span
  • increase positivity

Physical benefits

  • reduces high blood pressue
  • reduces anxiety attacks
  • reduces tension
  • increases seritonin
  • improves mood
  • improves immunity
  • increases energy

Mental benefits

  • reduce anxiety
  • provides emotional stability
  • increase creativity
  • increase happiness
  • increase intuition
  • gain clarity and peace of mind
  • sharpens mind
  • problems become smaller
  • increase focus
  • emotional steadiness and harmony
  • personal transformation
  • enhances self esteem and self acceptance

For more benefits, I found this site really interesting

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Why do people meditate?

  • increase mind power
  • reduces stress
  • enchanced peacefulness
  • happier and healthier lifestyle
  • improved physical, mental and emotional well being
  • enhanced professional and academic performance

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Who can meditate?

Anyone interested to better their physical, mental, emotional, and intellectual health.  There are no age restrictions or ability limitations.

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What has helped me when I meditate

When thoughts come into your mind…..and they will……. look at them from a perspective of being a witness of the thoughts instead of connecting with them, watch them as they float across your mind like the digital bill boards flowing across the screen, this will help you keep detached

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