What is a Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp?

A Himalayan Salt Crystal lamp is not only a beautiful piece of decor that brings a soft light to a room, it is also beneficial for your health and well being in so many ways.  It generates negative ions into the air which helps  to neutralize the positive ions which are the source of stress, tiredness, lack of vitality and headaches caused by fluorescent lighting, electrical equipment like tvs, computers and clothes dryers.

Negative ions are what are released by the ocean waves or coniferous trees in nature and help you to feel relaxed.

Himalayan Salt lamps help to reduce the allergens in the air, increase energy levels, neutralizes electromagnetic radiation to name a few of it’s benefits.

It has an orange/red colour, orange; enhancing concentration and creativity, while the red brings the energy and vitality.

In the Kitchen

  • stimulates appetite

In the Dining room

  • make conversations flow

In the Living room

  • purifies the atmosphere, creates peace

In the Office

  • prevents stress and increases effectiveness

In a Child’s bedroom

  • reduces anxieties, night mares and insomnia and acts as a night light

In an Adult’s bedroom

  • stimulates libido and reduces allergens

It is a beautiful and beneficial addition to any household.  If you are interested in purchasing one, let me know!