Classical Hatha Yoga for Beginners

In these classes you will learn the basics of Classical Hatha Yoga in order to build a stable foundation for your journey to balance and give you all the tools you need to continue your own daily practice and learn to continue your practice off the mat, as a way of life.

The intent of these classes are for those who are new to yoga or new to Classical Hatha Yoga, which is a traditional practice passed down from a long line of Swamis from India, holistic and healing in nature and guides the aspirants into higher experiences of consciousness.

Hatha yoga is for everyone a gentle yoga focused on coordinating the body and mind.

What you can expect

Starts with a centering practice and beginning the class with 3 Oms, and mantra, we then move into slow mindful movements (asanas) where you will receive step by step guidance into the postures, benefits and when to use them to connect the mind and body and build awareness so you can experience your true nature of peace and calm that you already are without the stories of the mind and to promote well-being.  Then move into breathing practices (pranayama) and then spend time in relaxation in a conscious way (pratyahara), then practice concentration (dharana), focusing the mind for some time.  The class will end with 3 Oms and a mantra.  With some time for question and answer at the end.

Some questions that will be answered

  • Why we use a yoga mat
  • Why we chant Om at the beginning and end of a class
  • How mantra helps to focus and relax our minds
  • What are mudras and why do we use them
  • How to tap into your true self

What you will need

  • Yoga mat
  • Hard Cushion
  • Blanket
  • Journal and pen