My first recorded interview

I was invited to teach yoga as a part of the Unleash Your Greatness Conference held at the Buffalo Canoe Club in Crystal Beach and this was my very first interview I had done.

She had sent me the questions ahead of time and I had written out all of my answers to make sure I covered everything and then couldn’t figure out how I could read the answers without everyone seeing my eyes move. I called Lori in a panic saying I was not ready and started having doubt as to whether I was good enough and maybe I shouldn’t be even teaching the class because I couldn’t do this right.

She said “Julie, why don’t you go and meditate and I will call you back in 20 minutes”, so I did and this interview was the result, she didn’t ask me one of those questions I studied. This pushed me through my comfort zone and taught me another scenario to practice the tools I teach people all the time.

I find when I am in the panic it is hard to find the tools and was happy to have the very advice I would give someone else, reflected back to me to practice in that moment.

Click here for the interview with Lori Brant, The Happiness Life Coach a