My first recorded interview

I was invited to teach yoga as a part of the Unleash Your Greatness Conference held at the Buffalo Canoe Club in Crystal Beach and this was my very first interview I had done.

She had sent me the questions ahead of time and I had written out all of my answers to make sure I covered everything and then couldn’t figure out how I could read the answers without everyone seeing my eyes move. I called Lori in a panic saying I was not ready and started having doubt as to whether I was good enough and maybe I shouldn’t be even teaching the class because I couldn’t do this right.

She said “Julie, why don’t you go and meditate and I will call you back in 20 minutes”, so I did and this interview was the result, she didn’t ask me one of those questions I studied. This pushed me through my comfort zone and taught me another scenario to practice the tools I teach people all the time.

I find when I am in the panic it is hard to find the tools and was happy to have the very advice I would give someone else, reflected back to me to practice in that moment.

Click here for the interview with Lori Brant, The Happiness Life Coach a

When setting goals

When I sit down to think about¬†goals I like to reflect on the previous goals I have made and if I haven’t quite attained them, it is time for me to re-evaluate if this is something that I want to continue to pursue or not. If it continues to be a goal I want to continue with I will identify if there is anything that is keeping me from meeting the goal or if it is just a matter of breaking it down into smaller pieces to make it easier. Continue reading “When setting goals”

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is about helping people to identify their goals and what they want in all aspects of their life then helping to keep them motivated to achieve their goals to make positive changes in their life.